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New Branding and Christmas Orders!

Hello there! We are Oscar & Alfie, two Old English Sheepdogs whose humans run Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co. They’re crazy busy at the moment getting Christmas orders ready to send to Santa, and with lots of events. So, we’ve decided to help out with their social media posts, just to keep you up to date with what’s going on. Obviously I (Oscar) am the brains behind this operation, but as I’m a big gentle giant, my paws are a bit big for this keyboard thing, so I’ve delegated the typing to Alfie, as he’s a lot smaller than me. Anyway back to the task in hand (or paw! ). The news from Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co. and it’s fragrance division – Cwtch Body and Sole is that we have new branding, which we all love. Thank you to the lovely people at Monddi Design Agency in Pembroke, for that. Your next chance to see it is in Newport tomorrow for the Newport Christmas Festival, 2pm ’til 8pm in Market Street, with a train to see Santa in his Grotto. We might come along too! We’re also having a new website which should be up and running soon. In the meantime you can order gifts online; www.pembrokeshireseasalt.co.uk/shop. Order by 20th December for dispatch by post or collect from Dinas by noon on Friday 22nd. That’s it for now. Happy shopping love Oscar & Alfie xx