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How to protect yourself from witches, demons and more other-worldly being this Halloween. To be taken with a pinch of salt…

How to protect yourself from ghosts, demons, witches and more other-worldly beings this Halloween using salt. To be taken with a METAPHORICAL pinch of salt….

We’ve all seen it in the movies ( Hocus Pocus.. the Sanderson Sisters are still our favourite witches.) and on TV ( Supernatural?!). Salt being used to protect against demons, witches, ghosts and spirits, to consecrate ground and purify. But, why salt? And where did these ideas originate? And more importantly how can we use this to protect ourselves this All Hallows Eve when the veil between the our world and the underworld is at its thinnest….


A (very) quick bit of history

There are a LOT of religions and countries that believe in using salt to cleanse and ward off evil spirits.

  • In Eastern belief systems, such as Buddhism and Shintoism, salt is used to purify and repel evil.
  • In parts of Germany, Normandy, and Scotland, salt is used in or around a butter churn to keep witches from souring the butter or harming the cow that produced the cream.
  • Irish folk remedies include the use of salt, combined with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, to cure those who might have been “fairy-struck.” To be Fairy – struck is: if a healthy child suddenly droops and withers, or young girls who take ill rapidly are said to be fairy-struck; for they are wanted in Fairy-land as brides for some chief or prince, and so they pine away without visible cause until they die…
  • In Bavaria and Ukraine, salt is used to determine if a child is bewitched.
  • In Eqypt, caravans setting out on a journey across the desert would burn salt on hot coals to prevent evils spirits from getting in the way of the travellers on their journey.

So….There must be some truth in the power of salt for warding off evil if everyone is doing it right? So how can I protect my home from ghostly entities this Halloween I hear you ask…


Protect your home

A line of salt across all points of entry should prevent and ghost or demon entering your home. Remember to cover ALL points of entry; don’t forget windowsills and fireplaces. Also protects from slugs.

A bowl of salt by your bed, or a ring of salt around your bed is said to stop a ghost from being able to manifest. A circle of salt keeps your own energies in,  and outer energies out.

Make a Witch Bottle

We found out how to make a Witch Bottle from an article written by Patti Wigington, which is used especially around Samhain (or Halloween as most people know it) to protect themselves and keep evil spirits from their homes. Witch Bottles deflect negative energy and have been used for centuries! To make one you will need:

  • A bottle with a lid
  • Some rusty nails, screws, razor blades or anything pointy..
  • Some salt
  • A length of red ribbon
  • A black candle (Black Orchid scented candle will do)
  • Your own urine. Or some white wine if the idea of peeing in a bottle really doesn’t appeal to you.

Learn more and find out how to make a witch bottle .


Protect yourself

If you happen across a ghost while trick or treating (or on your way home from the pub, or perhaps you have gone all Yvette Fielding and sought one out), throw salt at it! According to ghost-hunting websites the crystalline structure of salt deflects and refracts and fractures the electromagnetic energy the ghosts use to manifest and move objects. So a handful of salt deftly thrown at a ghost should, in theory, make them go poof. Not today Casper, find somebody else to play with.

If you feel you have been bewitched (recurring sickness, constant fatigue, bad-luck in everything you do are a few indicators that someone could be sending negative energy your way, although there could be other causes…perhaps you are just a bit rubbish? Or potentially you need to see a doctor. Salt deficiency? ) there are a few things you can do:

Place a wooden or pottery bowl of salt under your bed. Change the salt once a week. Put the old salt in a public bin, not on your property in your own bin. Also out a bowl of salt under your sofa and cloves of garlic in all your windows.


Take a salt shower once a day.

Wet your body, rub salt into the top head Chakra, the forehead Chakra, the throat Chakra, the heart Chakra, the mid body Chakra.

Rinse the salt off as say “Element of Water Cleans Me”. Then have a regular shower, you nutjob.

If you are seriously considering this, perhaps you could just use one of our Natural Salt Scrubs instead, and maintain some sense of sanity. You will  also be moisturised and smell good as well as being protected from bad energy. Bonus.


A few more interesting points to leave you with…


Salt in folkelore:

  • If someone spills the salt at dinner, it means a violent family quarrel is on the way. If you do spill salt, throw it over your left shoulder. Your left ear is said to be the ear the devil whispers into, so throwing salt over your left shoulder should get rid evil and encourage good luck, or at least give Satan an eyeful.
  • It’s considered bad luck to lend salt to someone because that can lead to a feud between the two people or families. In parts of northern England and Scotland, it is also seen as bad luck to lend salt, mostly because the person borrowing it can use it as a magical link to curse you.


So there you have it if you choose to believe. Lend your neighbour and cup of sugar, but never a cup of salt, direct them to our website instead……Happy Halloween!