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Pembrokeshire Sea Salt

Here you can purchase our various salts and salt-related products.

For descriptions of each of our products, please scroll below.

About our Sea Salt Products

Natural Sea Salt – pure white, crunchy and perfectly formed, our sea salt flakes have a unique flavour that really does taste of the sea. Just a small pinch will enhance the natural flavours of any meal. For best results, use as a finishing salt – sprinkle sparingly over your food just before eating.

Sea Salt with Saffron – this flamboyantly coloured finishing salt includes grade 1, organic, Sargol saffron strands, from Iran. With its creamy, smoky aroma and recognisable taste this seasoning adds a buttery hue to any food, sweet or savoury. It’s particularly good with fish and seafood, creamy sauces, and chocolate. For savoury dishes, try it on paella, kedgeree or risotto, with pasta or scrambled eggs; for dessert sprinkle over chocolate ice-cream, or add it to a panacotta or rice pudding!

Sea Salt with Black Truffle – this combination of natural sea salt and grade A black truffle from Northern Italy adds a subtle earthy aroma and distinctive taste to foods. Perfect with creamy pasta sauces, mashed potato, risotto or roasted veg. Sprinkle over soft-boiled quail eggs or your favourite chocolate pudding, or for pure decadence enjoy with posh steak and chips!

Sea Salt with Chilli – Our blend of red chillies – grown for us by a local, organic farmer – creates a depth of flavour with moderate heat, to spice up your meal. Use this exotic finishing salt to season chicken or beef dishes, add to Asian, Mexican or Indian foods, or just sprinkle over potato wedges. Just hot enough to add a little kick, without blowing your mind!

Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper – this highly aromatic seasoning with added crushed Sichuan peppercorns enhances the flavour of Chinese cuisine perfectly. Particularly good in stir-fries, rice based dishes and noodle soups. In can also be used in place of regular salt and pepper, in all styles of cooking.

Coming Soon Sea Salt with Wild Garlic – This vibrantly coloured, aromatic seasoning uses wild garlic from our garden and adds a distinctive yet delicate taste to your food. Perfect as a rub for your favourite steak, in a chicken kiev or with spring Welsh Lamb. Add to mashed potato, sprinkle over scrambled eggs or use in cheese scones, for a taste explosion!

Sea Salt with Squid Ink – the addition of squid ink, which is a natural food colouring used in Mediterranean cooking, adds a real depth of flavour and a dramatic hue to all foods. It’s dark tone contrasts sharply with white fish, mussels and creamy sauces. Use our squid ink salt with shellfish and seafood, in risotto or pasta, or sprinkle over a samphire salad for a tasty accompaniment to your meal.

Salted Caramel Sauce – decadent, indulgent, delicious! Made to our own recipe, this sauce will blow you away. Unlike some salted caramels, our award winning sauce contains Welsh double cream, and you can tell! Lavish on ice cream, pour over your favourite chocolate pudding, drizzle over cheesecake or simply spread it on toast; warm it up and serve with apple crumble or dunk some cinnamon doughnuts – your options are limited only by your own imagination. For a savoury twist, spread on a blini and top with crispy bacon. Yummy!