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About Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company

In 2016, Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co. was launched with fledgling producers Sherill Evans and Josh Wright at the helm (and their two salty sea dogs Oscar and Alfie never far behind).

Their salt tells the story of a hardy, tenacious kind of passion. It tells the story of wind-whipped faces and weathered hands, of sandy lunch breaks and hauling buckets in not-so-waterproof waders. Their salt tells the story of a bold spirit born of the sea.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, ‘like watching paint dry’, you might imagine that, similarly, watching sea water evaporate harbours none of the virtues of a compelling story. It is, however, the making of a perfectionist. A slave to salinity, if you like.

The story of Pembrokeshire Sea Salt makes its humble beginnings at Cwm-Yr-Eglwys, a small sandy cove nestled on the eastern side of the enchanting Dinas Island Peninsula, where the waters are crystal clear and the air has an almost drinkable quality that inspires deep gratifying breaths.

Sea air, as you may have noted if you’ve ever braced the rugged cliffs of the North Pembrokeshire coast, seems to engender a rather profound state of mental clarity. It was perhaps this peculiar quality which catalysed the crystallisation of a single thought: sea water is a hell of an abundant natural resource.

It was thus that, whilst watching the waves heave hypnotically onto the rocks at Cwm-Yr-Eglwys, Sherill and Josh began to nurture their shared vision for a natural, hand harvested sea salt that is not only sustainable and ecologically sound but boasts an exquisite structure and remarkable taste. At once, they began evaporating small batches of sea water at home in the Aga. Watching attentively as a fine layer of pyramidal crystals formed upon the surface and drifted down to settle in little salty flurries at the bottom of the pan, they knew they were onto something.

Now, three years later their waders are as well-seasoned as their mackerel. With much practice, Sherill and Josh are now masters of their art, turning sea water into the best tasting and best looking sea salt flakes they can. With love and dedication all the way o fôr i fwyd (from sea to food), they work tirelessly to tease out the unique flavours of the Pembrokeshire coast. Using the finest quality ingredients from Iranian Sargol Saffron to Wild Garlic foraged from the bottom of their garden, an exciting range of flavours meets every culinary fancy.


What people are saying...

It is with great pride and sense of place that we use Pembrokeshire Sea Salt her at the Hardwick. It has a pureness and clarity like no other salt and is the perfect enhancement to our cooking. Savoury and sweet.

Stephen Terry, Owner and Head Chef at The Hardwick, Abergavenny
Winner - Cesar Award for Best UK Restaurant with Rooms, The Good Hotel Guide - 2017

Pembs Sea Salt -> THE BEST!

Will Holland, Executive Chef at Ocean, The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey (formerly Head Chef at Coast, Saundersfoot)
Winner - The Craft Guild of Chefs, UK Restaurant Chef of the Year - 2016

In our products such as Mermaid Confetti and Ship's Biscuits we use the fabulous and very well established Halen Mon Sea Salt, however on a local level we also love to use new company Pembrokeshire Sea Salt for our dishes at Cafe Mor, thanks for keeping us topped up with quality sea salt throughout the season guys.

Pembrokeshire Beach Foods Company

Salted Caramel Sauce... perfection in a jar!

Facebook User

The salted caramel has to be the best around. We've also had the coconut & lime bodyscrub, which was amazing - normally body scrubs leave my skin dry. I found the opposite with this one, not only it smelt divine and fresh, my body was left smooth and silky. I will be purchasing a lot more. Thank you Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co.

Gina Sarracini Pope, Facebook customer