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About Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Company

What started as a great but simple idea, to make sea salt, by hand, for use in the Cwtch Body & Sole range of body scrubs, has evolved quickly into the manufacture of a culinary grade sea salt that not only looks good but tastes amazing. So, good that some of the top chefs in the UK love to use it in their professional kitchens (see their testimonials on this site). This natural progression for our business required a combination of skill, applied knowledge and expertise, good technique and methods, lots of belief and a little bit of luck! The key to it all, however, is the source of our resource.

Here at Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co., we are incredibly fortunate to have an award-winning beach on our doorstep and to be located within the only coastal National Park in the UK, making the sea water that forms our salt unique in the environmental protection afforded to it. The impressive geology of nearby Ynys Dinas, the stunning geography of Newport Bay, and the sheltered, seclusion of the cove from which we source our seawater, combine to provide the perfect conditions required to give Pembrokeshire Sea Salt its distinctive character and taste. Still entirely handmade, by either Sherrill or Josh, we will never compromise on its quality.

For us, sea salt production is both an art and a science. To watch the transformation from clear liquid to pure white crystal is a thing of magical beauty, mesmerising and fascinating. To develop a salt with the perfect mineral composition and an amazing taste is a thing of pure science. Our strapline:

Pure – Natural – Tasty – Nothing Added

describes our salt well, but these words from a satisfied customer, say it all! Pembrokeshire Sea Salt…

‘Tastes of the sea, our sea!’

Our Gourmet Range

Having developed such a good natural salt presented us with a dilemma; should we leave our salt unadulterated or experiment further, with a range of gourmet flavours to tickle your taste buds. Our natural inclination was to try something different, something a little bit edgy, while maintaining the high standards expected of us, and, which we expect of ourselves. So, in 2017 we introduced our unique range of flavoured sea salts; of course, we only add the highest quality ingredients to our natural salt, and we source ingredients locally wherever possible, including from our own garden when we can!

What people are saying...

It is with great pride and sense of place that we use Pembrokeshire Sea Salt her at the Hardwick. It has a pureness and clarity like no other salt and is the perfect enhancement to our cooking. Savoury and sweet.

Stephen Terry, Owner and Head Chef at The Hardwick, Abergavenny
Winner - Cesar Award for Best UK Restaurant with Rooms, The Good Hotel Guide - 2017

Pembs Sea Salt -> THE BEST!

Will Holland, Executive Chef at Ocean, The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey (formerly Head Chef at Coast, Saundersfoot)
Winner - The Craft Guild of Chefs, UK Restaurant Chef of the Year - 2016

In our products such as Mermaid Confetti and Ship's Biscuits we use the fabulous and very well established Halen Mon Sea Salt, however on a local level we also love to use new company Pembrokeshire Sea Salt for our dishes at Cafe Mor, thanks for keeping us topped up with quality sea salt throughout the season guys.

Pembrokeshire Beach Foods Company

Salted Caramel Sauce... perfection in a jar!

Facebook User

The salted caramel has to be the best around. We've also had the coconut & lime bodyscrub, which was amazing - normally body scrubs leave my skin dry. I found the opposite with this one, not only it smelt divine and fresh, my body was left smooth and silky. I will be purchasing a lot more. Thank you Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co.

Gina Sarracini Pope, Facebook customer