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Natural Sea Salt (70g)

Natural Sea Salt (70g)

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Our award-winning, natural sea salt flakes really do taste of the sea – our customers say so and so do the judges. The beautiful, pyramidal flakes are rich in naturally occurring minerals and the intensity of flavour and delicate crunch add dimension to any dish from the humble soft-boiled egg, to succulent fresh lobster served alongside buttered Pembrokeshire Early potatoes! Crumble between your fingers on serving, for best results.

Don’t take our word for it, though! Here are the independent tasting notes from the Great Taste Award panel (2021, 2018).

‘Stunning and delicate white salt. Beautiful crystals that melt readily on the tongue. Interesting complexity of flavour with minerals and sweetness coming through, a real clean taste of the sea’.

‘Pretty slivers of crusty salt that deliver an incredible flavour, The sea x 10 or maybe x 100 – so intense, mineral and flavoursome.’ 

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