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Sea Salt with Chilli (60g)

Sea Salt with Chilli (60g)

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Our Chilli Sea Salt is a sensory delight! We’ve created a chilli blend that permeates perfectly though the salt, to lend a vibrant orange colour, an inviting sweet pepper aroma and a well rounded level of heat that will intensify the natural flavours of many dishes. Add it to almost anything for fiery elevation.

Great Taste Award Panel tasting notes (2020)

‘A wonderful coral colour to these beautiful salt crystals – they would be a real talking point at the table. A deep mineral aroma with a true chilli pepper fragrance. Bold and true chilli flavour right from the start, along with the salt – these two flavours work well together and this product has been expertly balanced to ensure both ingredients shine. An excellent level of heat, with a proper seaside salinity, make this ridiculously moreish. Crisp and bracing, like a blast of spicy sea air. No harsh edges to the salt. A properly clever product that would absolutely enhance anything it is added to. Clean finish, with a satisfying lingering heat; It is remarkable how much we are enjoying sitting here eating salt crystals like a snack. Hats off to the producer.’

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