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Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper (60g)

Sea Salt with Sichuan Pepper (60g)


For this one, we’ve taken the classic combo of salt and pepper, and given it a Pembrokeshire Sea Salt Co. twist! This artful infusion of cracked Sichuan peppercorns with natural sea salt sets the stage for a wide variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Highly aromatic with fresh citrus overtones, this salt is evocative of exotic travels, and a great addition to many types of cuisine, not only Asian.

Great Taste Awards Panel tasting notes (2018)

‘An intriguing look and a most enticing aroma, citrussy and entirely redolent of Sichuan pepper. Delivers delightfully on the palate. The salt has a lovely rounded, broad palate and the pepper a wonderful freshness and zestiness (and that tingly, numbing character). We’d love to rub this into pork crackling, maybe duck skin, but could imagine uses as a finishing salt too. Very good indeed.’


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