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Sea Salt with Wild Garlic (60g)

Sea Salt with Wild Garlic (60g)

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Our wild garlic sea salt evokes memories of the forest in Springtime, with its subtle aroma and attractive hue. It not only enhances the flavours of a wide variety of foods, but creates an enchanting visual; like garnishing your plate with emeralds! Perfect for juicy Welsh Lamb, creamy mashed potatoes or crumbled over a cheesy omelette, this salt is extremely versatile. The wild garlic, which we forage for seasonally, grows abundantly in the woods surrounding our home. Taking care to leave plenty for nature and others, we imbue a wild garlic essence into our Natural Sea Salt to produce another award winner.

Great Taste Award Panel tasting notes (2019).

‘Large flakes of salt which crumble well and are an interesting colour and would look attractive sprinkled across a cream cheese. There is a well-judged level of garlic aroma and flavour. A good-looking product relative to other garlic salts and therefore worthy of recommendation.’


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