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Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorn (60g)

Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorn (60g)

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New for 2020, these beautiful large white flakes of sea salt ingrained with blushing pink peppercorns, are almost too pretty to eat! The salty crystals are sharp and crunchy, while the pink peppercorns add warmth, sweetness, peppery and pine-coney tones onto the tongue, with just a hint of citrus at the end. This salt has endless applications from light cream sauces to salad dressings, and from seafood to sweet desserts. Go wild with creativity, with this one!

Great Taste Award Panel (2020) tasting notes

‘Beautiful shards and pyramid structure crystals speckled with vibrant pink peppercorn pieces. Heady and aromatic on the nose with pungent milled pink peppercorns and citrus peel freshness. A rich and intense burst of flavours and zingy lemon spice in the mouth tail off gently to a mellow and rounded finish. A delightful addition to the condiment’s cupboard and appetisingly attractive among condiments in any place setting.’

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