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Pembrokeshire Sea Salt

About our Sea Salt Products

Natural Sea Salt (100g) 

Dining without good salt is like listening to a conversation at the next table.

All you need is a bit of chemistry to get them talking. Thankfully, these exquisitely formed natural Sea Salt crystals are remarkably articulate and bursting with stories of their journey all the way o fôr i fwyd (from sea to food). A finishing salt to start a conversation!

Don’t just add salt. Add Chemistry.

Taste of the Sea Gift Box (6 x 8g)

Six precious vials to deliver you into a salty reverie of the Pembrokeshire coast. A selection of Natural Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Squid Ink, Sea Salt & Sichuan Pepper, Sea Salt & Chilli, Sea Salt & Wild Garlic and a choice of either of our premium flavours, Sea Salt & Black Truffle or Sea Salt & Saffron.

Pinch me… I must be dreaming!

Sea Salt & Black Truffle (70g)

Sourced from the not-so-far-under world, some say these chthonic truffles have been snuffled by out by Persephone’s pigs.  And they’d probably be wrong. But who cares? These wondrous little fungi are nothing if not audacious. This salt makes for a rich and profound accompaniment to your earthly platters, from fettucine to French fries.

Don’t just add salt. Add Audacity.

Sea Salt & Saffron (70g)

We’re just mad about Saffron (quite rightly). Paint it mellow yellow with our highest grade organic Sargon Saffron strands from Iran. Redolent of bustling bazaars and fragrant fields, this one goes out to the shiny happy people dancing like flowers in the winds of change. Try a pinch upon your paella con pollo.

Don’t just add salt. Add Love.

Sea Salt & Chilli (70g)

It’s hard to believe these fearsomely fruity chillies were coaxed into fruition by the importunate precipitation of Welsh clouds. We reckon their tenacious dedication to becoming chillies is commendable, delivering us through the winter months like an open fire. Spice up your guacamole …this chilli salt will season your woolly socks off.

Don’t just add salt. Add Fever.

Sea Salt & Sichuan Pepper (70g) 

Traverse the unknown with this vivacious reimagining of your table-top bygones. An effervescent dance of citrus high-kicks and aromatic pirouettes, this lively duo could animate the most stoic of faces. Bring to life a crispy tofu and pak-choi stir-fry with a burst of expression.

Don’t just add salt. Add Vivacity.

Sea Salt & Wild Garlic (70g)

Foraged locally from spring hedges and packed with the fresh aroma of Welsh country lanes, this is the savage messiah of the salt world. Wilder than a party with a welsh dragon; these verdant little crystals are full of powerful nutrients to aid the wildest of hangovers. Ward off your inner vampire by adding this vibrant wild garlic salt to your morning eggs.

Don’t just add salt. Add the Forest.

Sea Salt & Squid Ink (70g)

An opulent bounty from the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack fishingboat-bobbing sea;* this sumptuous squid ink shades our salt with a dramatic depth of flavour. Season your sautéed samphire with poetic poise and marinade your mussels in mystery.

Don’t just add salt. Add Poetry.

*This one’s for you, Dylan.

Salted Caramel Sauce (170g)

Take a little longer to enjoy this mellifluous salted caramel concoction. Punctuated by long, legato notes of salinity, this eloquent sauce is perfect with… well, anything you like! Perhaps a delectable drizzle over your chocolate cheesecake or decadent dash on your bacon blinis.

Add more than you meant to.